When you can’t buy a part you need, what do you do? You make it from scratch, of course.

We have this guy name Roger. He was a tool & die guy who worked at a massive Whirlpool refrigerator plant here in Fort Smith, AR. The plant shutdown and we were fortunate enough to pick him up after he was laid off.

The guy can make anything – it’s like, hey Rog, we need this widget because we can’t buy it and he’s like, “No prob!” Not only that, he rebuilds compressor packing boxes and valves in his sleep. He finds things that are designed wrong and just improves them because he can and knows how. There isn’t anything he can’t do!

So anyways, Roger runs our machine shop and he can figure out stuff you can’t or don’t want to. So, we have him and he’s a weapon against our competitors. Potential customers should know this!

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