The natural gas compression packages built by ACEC are typically for well transmission or vapor recovery applications.

We use Quincy Compressor & Sullair gas ends and give the customer their choice regarding type and supplier of the drive. We can build these packages with electric, diesel, or natural gas drive systems.

Because there are so many different applications for natural gas compression, we start the design process with a performance report based upon specifications provided by the customer.

After performing the initial calculations, we’re able to move onto BOM selection for the perfect natural gas compression package for your specific application.  The package may contain a variable frequency drive or Class I, Division 2 electrical components. Whatever project requirements you have, we can design the most efficient and cost-effective compression system meeting your needs.

ACEC also sells the individual gas end component for those customers who are building their own packages or replacing something that’s already in the field. We offer both Quincy & Sullair gas ends. Additional information is available via the Browse Products section on this page.

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Quincy QRNG Reciprocating Gas Compressor
  • A reciprocating gas compressor uses crankshaft-driven pistons to provide compression. The thrust is provided by a positive displacement pump that move the gas through the system and enhances the gas’s pressure and density. Benefits of reciprocating gas compressors include their ability to produce high power and high-pressure compressor gas, as well as the absence of an oil carryover problem. Reciprocating compressors also generally require a lower initial investment than other compressor types.
  • 3-24HP
  • Single & Two-Stage
  • 500PSIG max discharge pressure
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Quincy QSG Rotary Screw Gas Compressor
  • A rotary gas compressor also operates via positive displacement. It contains a pair of helical screws that drive the gas into a chamber. The screws simultaneously shrink the chamber, which forces the compression. Rotary screw compressors are known for their compact yet robust design and construction, as well as their reliability. However, rotary screw compressors are not suited for a dirty operating environment, and the rotary compressor’s life expectancy is typically shorter than that of a reciprocating model.
  • 16 models to 600HP
  • Flows to 4.0MMSCF/D
  • 130,000 hour design life
  • 225PSIG max discharge pressure
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Sullair Rotary Screw Gas Ends
  • Designed for the vapor recovery process, Sullair gas ends are able to handle high volumes of sweet or sour natural gases. These rotary screw compressors also offer maximum efficiency/lower operating costs.
  • Minimal capacity loss occurs as a result of essentially having only two moving parts: the asymmetrical profile rotors. Contact occurs only on a lubricated pitch-line, so wear is virtually eliminated – which also minimizes maintenance requirements.
  • 25-450HP
  • Flows to 4.75MMSCF/D
  • 500PSIG max discharge pressure
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