How efficient is your plant?

ACEC has multiple systems that allow us to quickly and accurately define the potential energy savings in your plant.

We evaluate the overall efficiency of your compressed air system based on “Best Practices” solutions. With our dedication to improving the efficiency of all compressed air systems through the use of industry-approved best practices, Frost and Sullivan has recognized our processes as those that drive operational excellence and gives end users the power to take the first step.

Step 1: Free plant walk through to determine existing EQ Rating

In addition to identifying your existing EQ rating, we will estimate your current air system costs & cost-reduction potential.

Step 2: EQ Analysis to quantify cost reduction opportunities

An ACEC representative comes on site and connects the EQ Analyzer which records the power and performance of the compressors and air pressure levels in your compressed air system during normal production. This data, along with information from plant personnel and observation, is thoroughly analyzed.

Step 3: Evaluation of EQ Analysis Report and Action Plan for reducing operating costs.

  • Financial projections include a pay back calculation on the recommended Action Plan and capital investment.
  • System performance graphs and tables provide details on existing and proposed system performance.
  • The Action Plan details the specific recommendations and estimated costs to raise your system’s EQ to “Best Practice” levels.

Why Efficiency Matters

The efficiency of a compressor can have a tangible effect on your bottom line. You need to know how much energy your current system is using and how much you can gain by implementing changes.

In a busy working environment, efficiency entails more than just the direct costs of fuel consumption. A more efficient, better-designed compressor will have fewer maintenance requirements and be less prone to breakdown — key benefits in terms of both your operating costs and overall productivity.

It’s not only the compressor efficiency that matters. Every detail in a compressed air system — from the piping, layout, filtration, storage and pressure flows — impact the potential for savings.

Reducing waste and improving operations are two key values of this system. You’ll see the results of Total Customer Value in the efficiency of our compressors and the superior value they deliver for your purchasing dollar. We can arm you with the information you need to make efficient and sustainable system choices.