The ambient or surrounding atmosphere should be kept clean. This area must also be well ventilated for proper cooling. Inadequate cooling results in overheating, which causes premature wear on your compressor.

Inlet Filter

The inlet filter, which also functions as a silencer, needs regular inspection. A dirty filter increases wear on components and lessens operating efficiency. A deteriorating filter can cause system leaks and contamination.

Cooling Water

An adequate supply of uncontaminated cooling water with regulated temperature & pressure control provides an ideal condition for the operation of water cooled equipment.

Gauges and Controls

All instrumentation for gauging speed, pressure, temperature, etc., must be kept fully operational and accurately calibrated. Moisture and other contaminates will effect gauge readings.

Motor and Compressor

The motor and compressor are the most important components of your system. Their smooth performance is essential! Locate unusual noises and vibrations. Rough service and improper alignment are warnings of system breakdowns; don’t ignore them!


Always use the proper weight and grade of oil specified by the manufacturer. Keep the oil reservoir and component parts clean by changing oil when needed (this reduces sludge and varnish buildup). When oil breaks down it thins out, lessening lubrication and increasing wear.


Develop routine inspection of all items on this page. Replace, repair, or clean them whenever necessary. The performance and life of your equipment depends directly upon the maintenance provided.


With compressor motor off and air tank at pressure, check all connections, valves, and lines to point of use. Leaks make the unit work harder. Pressure lost cannot be regained.

Worn Parts

Worn parts cause imbalance, vibrations, and noises. Sometimes friction and loose components are inaudible, that is why periodical micrometer and seal tests need to be performed to determine if certain parts need to replaced soon.

Safety First

Compressed air and electricity are dangerous. When performing maintenance or service work, make absolutely sure that the electrical supply has been disconnected and locked out, and the internal compressor system has been completely relieved of all pressure.