Protecting our customer’s investment in the compression packages we design & sell is as important as the initial design of the system.

That’s why we developed the ACEC service module; to automate the service process and protect your investment. As compression packages are sold, everything from main component serial numbers to P&M part numbers are added into the asset detail list for each and every compression package sold. This allows us to automate recurring P&M type services and create cases based upon troubleshoot issues.

Our program is smart enough to learn which solutions have worked in the past to resolve certain types of cases based upon specific keywords. This allows our service managers to dispatch the proper technicians with the proper parts to get you up-and-running in the quickest way possible. We understand that downtime means lost revenue. Our initial goal is to keep compressor systems serviced properly so there is no downtime, but in the event that there is, our service module makes certain that we know what you need when you need it. Service after the sale is our priority because we know that the relationship only begins once the compressor system is installed!