The Health & Safety of our people, our customers, and the environment are top priorities for ACEC.

Our people and customers are what keeps the company moving forward, and we only have one Earth so it must be protected. With these main goals in mind, we strive each and every day for continual improvement in our safety programs and in the way we interact with our environment.

ISNetworld provides the safety program structure and rating system that makes sure we are continually achieving our safety goals and that we have high safety ratings with all our customers.  We also have an underlying motivation regarding the design of our compression packages that looks to improve efficiencies of existing models and looks towards new technologies that ultimately reduce greenhouse gas emissions helping to protect our environment long term.

To provide a few examples, we’ve designed closed-loop, natural gas compression packages that allow oilfield service operators to reclaim what would have been flare gas for reinjection back into wells stimulating the flow of additional hydrocarbons.  Any gases that aren’t used for the gas lift process are compressed and sent down a gas sales line and into downstream markets instead of being burned with no NET energy gain for the consumer. We’ve also designed Vapor Recovery Gas Units that collect gas vapors off oil tanks that would have just escaped out of the Anardo relief valves sending Methane gas emissions into the air.

We strive to improve each and every day; safer in our operations and more efficient and sustainable  with the compression solutions we provide our customers. ACEC will never be finished with this process.  It’s a continual improvement mindset that makes us a better company with each day’s passing.