When 2500PSIG is still not enough pressure, our super booster packages go up to 5,500PSIG.

A super booster is a a compressor, usually of the reciprocating type, designed to take incoming air, nitrogen, or gas flow from an existing booster and boost up to even higher pressures. The super booster is typically used for applications that call for 4 or more stages of compression.

The super booster packages fabricated by ACEC are designed as mobile packages to be used for well-stimulation projects needing higher pressure than the normal air foam unit can provide.

Instead of purchasing an entirely new air foam unit for those high pressure formations, the mobile super boosters can be added to the air foam unit package to reach the desired down-hole pressures.

The standard air foam unit packages are designed to provide 1,525SCFM @ 2,500PSIG. The flow from the air foam unit package would be fed into the super booster package to boost the incoming 1,525SCFM up to a max of 5,500PSIG. We also add a high pressure mist pump to the super booster package in order to foam at the increased pressures.

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ACEC Trailer-Mounted Super Booster
  • 45’L x 102”W x 120”H, Total Weight = 58,000#
  • 900-1500SCFM up to 5,500PSIG
  • Caterpillar C-11, 350BHP diesel engine drive
  • Ariel model JGQ/2 booster: two-throw, two-stage, horizontally opposed configuration
  • Direct drive w/ 1800 RPM input speed, air-cooled, and pressure lubricated
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