We designed the ACEC Closed Loop Natural Gas (CLNG) package to take a 50PSIG suction pressure of natural gas and boost to 2,500PSIG.

This package can be used for well stimulation and other well servicing processes. The standard configuration will move 1500SCFM (2.16MMSCF/D) and provides all the separation equipment required to clean returns from the well-bore completing the closed-loop system.

The CLNG package will take gas from an existing sales line or from wells in the general vicinity of the well being serviced and use that gas as the stimulation medium.  There is no oxygen present in this medium so there is no risk of down-hole fire and less chance of corrosion of the tubular.

Five levels of separation are provided before the inlet of the first stage of compression including:

  1. Trash Collector
  2. Sand Separator
  3. Three-Phase Separator
  4. Gas Coalescer
  5. Inlet Scrubber

Motor valves are also provided that regulate the flow of gas coming into and going out of the CLNG package.

If more gas is being extracted from the service well than is needed to support the closed-loop process, the additional gas will be diverted to a sales line.  This package will sell gas, while cleaning out wells.  The entire package comes mounted on a 50’ trailer for ease of transporting between different well locations.

ACEC supplies CLNG packages to companies working in the most demanding global environments.

We are recognized by industry leaders for designing and building the highest quality compression products.  From the digital design environment to the field, no one does it better than Air Compressor Equipment Company.

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ACEC Closed Loop Natural Gas Injection Package
  • 50’L x 102”W x 120”H, Total Weight = 75,000#
  • 900-1500 SCFM up to 2500 PSIG
  • 2 x Caterpillar C-11, 350 BHP diesel engines
  • Ariel model JGQ/2 boosters: two-throw, two-stage, horizontally opposed configuration
  • Direct drive w/ 1800 RPM input speed, air-cooled, and pressure lubricated
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