ACEC has become an authority in the design and engineering of oil-field compressors.  It all started with a partnership with Quincy Compressor in the design and development of the Quincy QSS850/200 drilling compressor.  This first design from the late 1970’s would supply 850SCFM @ 200PSIG, which at its time, was considered a high pressure compressor.

ACEC currently packages compressors with max flows of 1525SCFM and max pressures of 500PSIG.  The one thing that hasn’t changed is a dedication and passion for building quality compressors to meet current needs within energy markets.

ACEC compressors are known industry wide for their operator friendly and overall durable design.  These compressors are being used in the World’s most demanding applications and you can count on them to keep you running even when ambient conditions aren’t ideal.  From the digital design environment to the field, no one does it better than Air Compressor Equipment Company.