Whether you want to boost air, nitrogen, or natural gas, ACEC can provide the equipment to meet your specification.  The higher the pressure, the more dangerous the application and that’s why you should choose a company that’s known for safely going where others can’t.  We’ve built boosters that are capable of pressures up to 6,000PSIG and pumps that are capable of 10,000PSIG plus.

ACEC boosters are designed to operate in the World’s most demanding applications and they do.  We have units running all over the world from Kuwait to Indonesia and back to the Rocky Mountains.  With over thirty years of experience building booster packages, no one does it better than ACEC.

ACEC Advantages

  • Operator friendly design
  • Only the best components
    • Caterpillar engines
    • Ariel boosters
    • Gardner Denver boosters
    • Cotta gear boxes
    • Custom control panels
    • Safety shutdowns with annunciation
    • Coolers designed with a 15˚F approach temp
  • Designed to operate in extreme conditions
  • Long term reliability
  • Unmatched customer service

ACEC supplies boosters to companies working in the most demanding global environments and is recognized by industry leaders for designing and building boosters for just about any application your engineers can dream up.  From the digital design environment to the field, no one does it better than Air Compressor Equipment Company.