The first air foam units built by ACEC went into the field in 1981 and many of those units are still operating today.  From day one, ACEC has stood for, not only, quality, but also customer based engineering focused on building the best air foam units.  We listen to our customer’s needs and build air foam units that are operator friendly and durable in the World’s most demanding applications.

Our standard configuration has been improved year-after-year based upon customer feedback resulting in the best air foam unit in the market today.  Two things set our air foam units apart from all others:

  1. We design our units to operate in the worst case scenario regarding ambient conditions.  You will not have high temperature problems with our units because they are built to operate in conditions up to 115˚F.  We also have cold weather packages that allow operation down to -30˚F.  Our units are also configured to operate in high altitude applications.
  2. We always keep the operator in mind when designing and improving our packages.
    ACEC air foam units are the culmination of over thirty years of design experience and operator feedback.

ACEC supplies air foam units to companies working in the most demanding global environments and is recognized by industry leaders for designing and building air foam units for just about any application your engineers can dream up.  From the digital design environment to the field, no one does it better than Air Compressor Equipment Company.